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Skip-Level Meetings Template & Purpose

If you manage people who manage people, it’s valuable to have skip level meetings. This is where you meet 1:1 with the people who don’t report to you directly but are part of your team.

If you don’t do this with your boss’ boss, then send them this & ask if they’d be open to meeting with you monthly or quarterly.

Below is why & a template for topics to cover:

Why do it?

  • Builds culture & employee engagement
  • Opportunity for two-way feedback
  • Increases employee retention
  • Opportunity for you to see how well your direct reports are managing

Here’s a template of topics to cover:

  • Chance for them to share anything, personal or professional, with me
  • Check-in on how it’s going with their manager and any related feedback
  • Any feedback they have for me, the department, or the company
  • Any recent company changes/announcements they may have questions on

Depending on how many people are on your team, I’d suggest doing this monthly or quarterly.

What are other topics you like to cover?
Have you had any meaningful experiences during a skip level meeting?