Grant’s Speaking & Advising Topics

Topics I like to discuss

Here’s a sample of topics that I like to chat about. I’ve been interviewed about some of these, and others are topics I discuss in advising sessions or even just chats with friends.


  • Long playbook on defining ICPs, creating demand with paid social, and scaling new pipeline (playbook article)
  • Planning
  • Demand Generation
    • How I cut 50% of our paid search budget and pipeline from paid search even went up that month (LI post 1, LI post 2)
    • How we implemented paid social to create demand and the related tactics (LI post)
    • How to perform a split the funnel analysis to see what is and isn’t working in Marketing (LI post)
    • How we moved from a lead gen to a demand gen / create demand model (LI post 1, LI post 2)
    • How to break down lead to opp to improve performance (LI post)
    • Display ads are usually a waste of money
    • Checking individual leads to see what’s going on
    • Ways to experiment (LI post 1, LI post 2)
    • Template and best practices for creating demand via distribution-focused educational paid social ads
    • Why web pages are better than landing pages with no top-level menu nav in most cases (LI post)
    • Self-reported attribution and why “How did you hear about us?” is important (LI post 1, LI post 2, LI post 3, LI post 4)
    • How to dam demand (LI post)
  • Product Marketing, Content Marketing, and Brand Marketing
    • How to create differentiation and infuse it in everything
    • How to plan for launches
    • How to message to multiple personas
    • How to create ad copy (partially related LI post)
    • Customer story creation process (LI post)
    • Developing a content creation process (LI post)
    • How to get customer insights (LI post 1, LI post 2)
    • Why you should list pricing on your website (LI post)
    • Top skills to have as a PMM (LI post)
  • Metrics to track (result metrics, activity metrics, OKR metrics)
  • Presenting to the Board and C-Suite
  • GTM
    • How we built a GTM new business land playbook to standardize each set (partially related LI post)
    • How to move upmarket (LI post)
    • How to manage a PLG and Sales-led motion at the same time
  • Operations
    • How we connected ad to lead to opp to closed won
    • My martech stack I like to use (at a couple of companies)
  • Career Advice
    • Advice for early career marketers (podcast interview)
    • General career suggestions (LI post, LI post)
    • Career progression framework
    • How to find already-posted Marketing jobs (LI post)
    • How to reach out for a referral to different types of people
    • How to prep for an interview
    • Recommended reading and learning
    • Career progression criteria for Marketers (LI post)
    • Most valuable current skillsets
    • The importance of positioning yourself
    • Interviewing as a non-native speaker (LI post)
  • Thought leadership and evangelism
    • How to get more employees active on social media:
  • International Expansion
    • How to expand and market internationally
    • Ways to stage out your paid media testing for international (LI post)
  • Budgeting
    • How and where to reduce your budget with a recession coming (LI post)
  • Developer marketing
    • Important principles to keep in mind
  • Influencer marketing (podcast interview – Apple link & Spotify link, LI post)
  • Podcasting
    • How to gain prospects through it
    • The best tech stack (and how mine has evolved over time)
    • How to get new podcast guests, especially early on
  • Cold emailing strategies
  • Choosing to go with an agency vs. in-house employee (partially related LI post)
  • How to create alignment and close collaboration with Sales (LI post 1, LI post 2, LI post 3)
  • ABM
  • Startup and nonprofit programs (LI post)
  • Creating global, integrated campaigns
  • Job description templates
  • Marketing org structures
  • Events and field marketing
    • Event planning template
    • Post-event follow-up (LI post)
  • Creative and design
    • How to semi-automate design
    • Creative best practices


  • Methods of collaboration that have been most effective for me and my team
  • How to create OKRs
  • How I’ve evolved as a leader over time
  • How to navigate cultural differences
  • Hiring and recruiting
    • How to hire internationally to lower headcount costs
    • What I look for when hiring no matter the position (LI post)
    • How to find the right candidates
    • Interviewing plans
    • How to set salaries and compensation and handle negotiation (LI post)
    • When location matters for hiring (partially related LI post)
  • Tough performance conversations and firing
    • PIP template
    • How to have tough performance conversations
    • How to fire someone
  • Managing up
  • Onboarding new hires (LI post)
  • Creating company culture
  • How to celebrate success of others and as a team
  • Advice to my younger self
  • Why you shouldn’t call people resources
  • How to have an effective team meeting (LI post)
  • An effective 1:1 structure (LI post)
  • Why you should have skip-level meetings (LI post)


  • Reframing high pricing (LI post)
  • How to get a meeting booked at a higher rate (LI post)
  • Cold calling tips (LI post)


Learning new things

Contrarian views

  • Why cold emailing strangers outside of work still works
  • Habits & financial disincentives
  • Annual goal setting
  • Out-of-office emails should be fun (LI post)
  • People watch too much TV, movies, and social media and should severely limit their intake
  • Most people have time to volunteer weekly and should do so but make up excuses not to
  • Most people should give way more money than they do
  • Retirement is not a good idea for most people

Climate change and the environment

  • Great movies & resources that discuss it
  • Aria Duncan’s research
  • How rice is so important to us and so effected by climate change

Creating and running side projects

  • How to start them
  • How to think of ideas
  • How they help you with your main career
  • Why these are great creative outlets

Starting a startup

  • How to do it
  • Best tools to start with and companies to work with
  • Examples that I’ve done
  • Learnings from starting startups


  • How to run a nonprofit as a side project
  • How to start a side project
  • How to get the Google Ad Grant
  • How to recruit volunteers and interns

Walking desk

How to find your passion(s)

Life of the mind

  • How to be more content and satisfied
  • My motivations in life

Mentorship and Mentoring

  • Why it’s valuable
  • How to find them
  • How to sustain them
  • How to be one
  • Influential people early in my career and things they taught me

Faith and Doubt

  • Why I am a Christian
  • How I doubted almost all of my core beliefs for months and what I came to decide on after

Miscellaneous Talks I’ve Given

Topics I’m learning more about

  • Circadian science and biological rhythms
  • Deep brain stimulation