When the Honeymoon Ends

What do you do when the honeymoon ends? You keep going, but hopefully with renewed perspective.

My wife, Aria, and I had a wonderful honeymoon after a small family wedding during the time of covid (June 2020). As the Heath Brothers point out, transitions and events are great times to start new habits that will stick better. As I reflected near the end of the honeymoon, I wrote a list of new goals and changes that I want to implement. 

  • Stretch for five minutes daily
  • Do yoga for 1.5 hours twice per week
  • Walk, bike, or stretch during all non-presenting work meetings
  • Write daily
  • Resume meditating daily
  • Edit and print two to three photographs that I’ve taken
  • Buy a big calendar and use it to track major upcoming events
  • Have people over for dinner at least every other week
  • Find something to become extremely passionate and knowledgeable about and become an expert
  • Be less stressed about work
  • Be more focused on big rock items at work
  • Take one day off every two months
  • Continue learning to code
  • Find a list of total solar eclipses and determine which one(s) I could try to see

Do you have any new goals? How do you track your progress? Let me know in the comments below.