Eat That Big Frog! – How to Stop Procrastinating

Don’t you love procrastinating? At least in the moment we do… Sometimes I’m the king at it.

I’ll have some big task or assignment I have to do, but I won’t want to do it so I do everything else on my list of things to do but that one task that I actually need to. Which usually means I turn to Facebook…


This isn’t good, because you not only give yourself less time to do the important task, but you also stress yourself out all day thinking about the thing you’re putting off.


Instead, try doing the hardest thing first.

Brian Tracy calls this “Eat That Frog!”.

The idea is this. If you were told you had to eat a frog, you’d be stressing about it all day long dreading that gross frog you’re going to have to eat. What if instead the first thing you did that day was you ate the frog! Well you’d get it done and nothing else would seem as hard later in the day, because you’d gotten the biggest and scariest thing out of the way.


So stop procrastinating on that big frog. Eat it as the first thing you do in the day, and everything else that day will be easier!


What’s that frog you need to eat today?