What It Was Like Calling 911 For My Dad

Calling 911 for my dad was crazy. And for it to happen on Father’s Day too… He said I handled it well, but a lot of emotions went through me.

But this instance gave me a renewed sense of what’s important to me. It really hit me that I love him so so much. I didn’t want anything to happen to him, so I just kept praying that God would heal him. (As of 6/19/13, he is still in the hospital recovering from breaking his hip in five places from falling on our mountain bike ride. He will hopefully be out soon. Then he’ll be on crutches for about a month. And then about two more months after that before he’s fully active.)

Later, it hit me: It’s not about what you’re doing, but it’s about who you’re with.¬†

We had quite a different Father’s Day than we had planned. Instead of a family dinner with our extended family, we spent our day hanging out in the hospital room with my dad in lots of pain. And yet it was still a great time together. Just being together was enough. And that’s what’s important.

It’s about love. And people. And relationships. That’s what matters. Jesus told us to love God and to love others. So that’s what we are to do.

So in the midst of the crazy things in your life, take some time to think about what’s important in your life.

What’s important to you? I hope it’s simply put:¬†Love God and love others.