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Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Competitor Comparison: A Step-by-Step Guide by Kirill Kurmytskiy

We just launched 3 competitor comparison articles, big kudos to Kirill Kurmytskiy for his work on these! Here’s a breakdown of the structure and key elements he used:

– Don’t make it totally one-sided. Prospects can sniff that out.

– Use images to convey the differences (Venn diagram, radar chart, product screenshots, etc.)

– Talk about different product philosophies / focuses (if applicable)

– Explain key product capability differences & differentiators

– Include positive G2 examples from both

– Show a feature matrix

– Add links to sources of info

– Talk about how both products could be used together (if applicable)

What would you add or change to these? How do you like to structure competitor comparisons?

P.S. if you don’t mind, ask your Customer Support leader to consider using Zingtree 🙂