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Unlocking the Power of Retargeting: A Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, and YouTube Strategies

We’re retargeting people across LinkedIn, FB/IG, and YouTube.

See our strategy below. Steal it yourself or tell me how we can improve it 😊

On LinkedIn, we are retargeting users that have done the following AND match our target job titles:
– 180 Day Website Visitors
– 180 Day Company Page Visitors
– LI Ad Clicks (Updated Monthly with new campaigns)
We’re also excluding customers and competitors.

On Facebook/Instagram, we are retargeting website users that have hit our Marketing website. We are excluding customers and competitors from the Metadata Metamatch audiences. We also exclude actual web app product users.

On YouTube, we are retargeting all website visitors who have visited our marketing website. We exclude actual web app product users.

So… try this out yourself! And/or tell me how we can make it better!

Shoutout to Blake Strozyk / Bull Media for helping us co-create these strategies and execute them.