ONE Decision Can Change Everything

Have you thought about this before? One decision can change everything.

Literally. Just one. This was brought to light for me in a real way when my dad fell recently and broke his hip area in five places. (See my last blog post for more detail on this mountain bike crash.)

(Not my dad, just a picture of awesome mountain biking.)

Just one decision of his did this. He decided to push it a little harder and go a little faster down the last downhill. He was doing great until the bottom… And then bam! That one decision has made it so he won’t be fully active for three months. Three months has been radically changed because of one decision.

Now I’m not saying don’t ever push yourself or live on the edge or have fun – I’m just saying think about your decisions and choose wisely. Because there can be negative consequences that you don’t think about in the moment. I will still do extreme sports and live my life as I do, but I will be more mindful of the potential effects of my decisions.

So choose wisely, because ONE decision can change everything.