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Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement: A Step-by-Step Guide to Collaborative Post Brainstorming

My calendar invitation description I sent today:

Each of you has expressed interest in getting more active on LinkedIn. I thought it could be helpful to have a group meeting where we all block 25 minutes to brainstorm and write LinkedIn posts. 

You’ll write your own individual posts but you can ask others for help or ideas. At the least, we’ll all have camaraderie doing it at the same time.

Leave the meeting with at least 2 LinkedIn posts created. 

Then you can post them during the week.

Prep work:
Think about the intended audience for your posts
Think about a few types of topics they’d find relevant and you have knowledge that you can write about. This can be about any topic; it doesn’t have to be about Zingtree or customer support unless you want it to be.

Like the idea? Copy / paste this with your colleagues to help them get started on LinkedIn.