Unlocking Success: Why Quantitative Results are the #1 Factor in Job Applicants’ Resumes

The #1 thing I look for in job applicants’ resumes is:

Quantitative results and accomplishments listed

This shows me that they care about the results they achieve and don’t just do work because someone told them to do specific tasks

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Unveiling the True Cost: A Comprehensive Comparison of Customer Acquisition in Marketing Vs. Outbound Sales

Here’s a simple way to compare customer acquisition costs from Marketing efforts vs outbound Sales efforts.

NOTE: This doesn’t factor in the long-term benefits that naturally come from Marketing such as brand awareness, dark social, and becoming a thought leader so that people come to you when they are eventually ready to buy.

Calculate the average cost per inbound closed won customer. (Or avg cost per inbound $ of revenue if the deal sizes are different between inbound and outbound.)

Then compare that with the cost per outbound closed won customer.

Depending on your company stage, you’ll get different winners. Just don’t ignore those long-term benefits from Marketing I mentioned earlier 🙂

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Unlocking the Future: The Rise of Fully Remote Marketing Teams in Global Companies Like Zingtree

Fully remote Marketing teams are the future. (And the now for companies like Zingtree.)

Even if the whole company isn’t fully remote, Marketing can be this way. Then you can attract the best talent globally.


Closing the Pay Equity Gap: A Revolutionary Hiring Strategy for Equal Compensation

Let’s close the pay equity gap! Here’s a radical but simple hiring idea to help do so 💡

Give people the best possible offer you can and then don’t allow negotiating. Why?

Statistically, women and people of color don’t negotiate as much. That means white men will most likely continue to extend their pay above others if negotiating is allowed.

Giving your best offer upfront also speeds up the hiring process.

How? Use the many public or paid data sources about compensation benchmarks, decide what your company’s hiring comp strategy is, and then give the best you got to the candidate.

This is what Zingtree does, and I love it. P.S. We’re hiring 😊

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Why Not Displaying Prices on Your Software Website Could Be Costing You Sales: A Comprehensive Analysis

No public pricing on your website? You’re missing out! 

Here’s why software companies should list actual pricing on their website:

You need it if you want to have a PLG motion. Few people will self-sign-up for something that they don’t how much it will cost.

You automatically filter out people that won’t have enough budget to pay for what you do. Any time spent on these people from Sales is a waste. You can avoid these people who you’ll win at a 0-1% rate by having them self-disqualify.

If you’re worried about competitors copying your pricing or negotiating lower, they probably already know your pricing… Prospects often share competing quotes with another company as a negotiation tactic. So… your competition has probably already seen your quotes. That means you putting it on your website is going to make no difference.

When a company is in the beginning stages of a buying process or they’re trying to put together a business case to get approval to buy your type of software, one of the first things that typically happens is a manager will do some research online to find the pricing ranges for competitors. You might not get thrown in the mix of consideration if they have to request a quote just to get estimated pricing.

You might say that showing pricing doesn’t give Sales the chance to sell the value of the product to make them see that it’s worth the cost. However, if you’re “creating demand” through Marketing, they should be coming in well-educated already. 

What’s your take? What am I missing?

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Unlocking Global Success: Insights from My International Marketing Interview on the Marketing Trends Podcast

I was interviewed on the Marketing Trends podcast recently! Click the link below to listen to the whole episode to hear about international marketing, creating demand, and how to scale marketing in a competitive space.

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Maximizing International Leads: Effective Translation Strategies for Multilingual Websites

“How did you hear about us?” – INTERNATIONAL style

This form field gets more complex when your website is in multiple languages.

How do you get qualitative insights if you can’t understand what the lead says? Do you really want to manually translate every time? No!

Here are a few ways to solve this:

– Use Salesforce Data Translation. Make a new field with the same name and put “(Translated)” at the end of the field name.

– Regularly export the data and use the =googletranslate function inside Google Sheets.

– Become fluent in every language you market in 😉


Unlocking Marketing Success: The Power of Stakeholder Interviews in Revealing Hidden Insights

Colleagues in other departments have opinions about what isn’t working in Marketing.

And most of it is true… Take the time to do stakeholder interviews & you’ll find golden nuggets. And you’ll start to see patterns.

Some may confirm your hunches while others change your view.

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Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy: How Onboarding a New Sales Leader Can Drive Success

A new Sales leader joins your company. Get ready for that to either disrupt or enhance your Marketing strategy.

Best way to make sure it enhances:

Do lots of early onboarding meetings and knowledge sharing with them. Become their close ally with a shared vision and plan.

Why meet with them a lot early on?

1. It helps them learn about the past results

2. They have a new, outside perspective that can help you reevaluate and enhance strategies

3. You’re going to be collaborating with them a lot so you should start it out well

What would you add to this list?


Maximizing Marketing Success: The Strategic Advantages of Regional Remote Hiring

My field marketing hiring philosophy:

Hire remotely but hire in a city or region where you think you’ll have the most in-person events or interactions.

This typically means you’ll save a lot on travel costs, and this person may be able to leverage their local network of connections immediately.

How about you? Agree/disagree?