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Slack’s Revolutionary Approach: Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Individuals and Underserved Communities

This is such an amazing thing Slack is doing! We need more companies focused on intentionally helping formerly incarcerated people and other underserved populations. #techology #societyandculture


Empowering East Palo Alto’s Youth: Inside Look at a Day of Consulting with Slalom

Today, we brought about 20 high school students from East Palo Alto, an underresourced neighborhood, to Slalom Consulting’s offices to share about what consulting is for a few hours. Such a great time to be able to broaden the horizons of what’s possible for kids who don’t have the same privileges that many of us have. Thanks for partnering Able Works!

Our agenda:
– Consulting 101 Presentation
– Office Tour
– Panel Discussion
– Group Activity – create the mall of the future for our client, a REIT, and present your ideas
– Speech by our GM, Tiago Dias
– Lunch

Great team effort Ramya Sreekumar Michael Mashack Julie Omran Tiago Dias and more!


Turning the Impossible into Possible: Inspirational Lessons from Nelson Mandela

“Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela


Unveiling The Culture Map: A Revolutionary Tool Transforming Business Conversations

A new tool was recently created called “The Culture Map” by the people who created the Business Model Canvas. What are your thoughts on it? It seems like it could be a great simple conversation starter for companies.


Unveiling Hope International: My Transformative Vision Trip to the Dominican Republic

This is a video that was made about the vision trip I went with Hope International to the Dominican Republic!


Mastering New Skills Quickly: Learning Secrets from Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky

Good article about Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, and how he learns new subjects quickly. He recommends taking time to find the best source / thought leader on a subject and then dive deep into their content.


Unlocking Success: How to Realign Your Imagination for Positive Outcomes – A Perspective by Bobb Biehl

“Unfortunately, for some individuals it is far easier to imagine failure than it is to imagine success. Be careful where you allow your imagination to focus.” Bobb Biehl

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Revolutionizing Customer Service: Why More Companies are Embracing Chatbots and Voicebots

Here’s why I think more companies will turn to customer experience automation by using chatbots and voicebots:

Customer experience teams are being asked to do more with less budget.

That means they need to get creative and innovative about how they serve their customers.

You can still deliver a great customer experience using chatbots and voicebots.

*Just remember to make it easy for someone to get to a live agent if needed.*

For example, a food delivery company can add a voicebot to help when someone’s order has issues. Voicebot tech has gotten to the level that they can understand whole sentences and not just words, so it would be easy to diagnose the issue and provide a fix without needing a live agent’s help for this.

Do you have positive / negative feelings about this kind of automation?

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Unlocking Virtual Reality: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at 8×8’s Innovative Presence at Enterprise Connect

I decided I am going to create videos occasionally sharing updates or lessons I’ve learned that you may also find helpful. Today’s video is about one aspect of 8×8’s presence at Enterprise Connect last week. We created 8×8 branded Google Cardboard Viewers, an app with VR content, and a 360-degree video. Check out the video and comment below to let me know what you think!

A link to the video and app is in the comments below.

It was a cross-functional team effort to pull this off, so thank you to all of you who helped in a big or small way! Meghan Keough, Russ Chadinha, Joanna Cyprys, Iverson Chan, Nagy-Kulcsár Lehel, Haim Tebeka, Bogdan Muresan, Matthew Mourlam, Marius Gherman, Dan Coza-Damian, Alin Luca, Mihai Radu Damian, Steven Miller, Keith Urauchi, Anna Kisin, Venkat Nagaswamy, Vi Tran, Vikram Verma, Dejan Deklich, Jeff Romano, Bryan Martin, David Chase, Tracy Pullman, Alyssa Sachs, Quynh Nguyen Cline, Suman Bisht, Yvonne Donaldson, Tac Berry, Randy Ksar, Dylan Hawkins, Gene Daly, Ryann Dulisse, and others I may have missed.

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Top 3 Essential Hard and Soft Skills Every Successful Product Marketer Must Possess

What do you think are the top 3 hard skills & soft skills that every Product Marketer should have? Here’s my take:

Hard skills:
Excellent writing and storytelling skills
Data analysis skills
Product knowledge

Soft skills:
Persuasion and influencing
Servant leadership

This was a question that I was asked by someone on my team, so I’m sure they’d appreciate seeing your thoughts!