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Maximizing Your Tradeshow Presence: Innovative Strategies for Content Creation and Networking

I was recently at our biggest tradeshow of the year. We have a 20×20 booth & had a lot of our Sales, Marketing, & ELT here. Outside of normal activities, one of the biggest things we were focused on while at this show was using it for content creation.

📹 We had 4 camera + mic setups ready (3 are just iPhones + mic)

🎙️ Had a podcast area at our booth, shoutout Erica Palmer

📷 A plan to capture customer stories, shoutout Kayla Hasler

💸 Got market research in video interviews

📺 And created much video and social content from all of it

We also:
🥳 Planned a VIP party with some top prospects & customers, shoutout Alex Reese and Lyndsey Lumpkin (plus they led the event strategy & execution in general!)

📣 Had one of our subject matter experts invited to speak for free, shoutout Maura Dent Cash

🤓 Had a meeting room for Sales

📝 Plan to attend sessions & summarize learnings online after

What other kinds of content do you like to capture?
How else do you make the tradeshow more than just a tradeshow?