Great Links

Here’s some tools, articles, and videos that I think are great. Enjoy!

Note: This will be continually updated.

Becoming Excellent:
NPR article about Deliberate Practice
Inc. article about common habits of very successful people

Hubspot Blog post – “Always Be Closing is Dead: How to Always Be Helping in 2016”
Hubspot Blog post about the best time to call prospects

Middle East:
Canon Andrew White video 1
Canon Andrew White video 2
Canon Andrew White video 3

Mental Health:
Phil Ryken video – Sharing struggles he’s gone through
Amy Cuddy video – Your body language may shape who you are

Kellogg article about founder ages

North Lawndale:
Gregory Lee video – Sharing his experiences in Lawndale and the Good Samaritan
Gregory Lee video – “Mass Incarceration in Theological Perspective”
Wayne Gordon video – “God’s Ideal”
Wayne Gordon video – “We’ve Strayed”
Wayne Gordon video – “Let’s Get it Right”
Article about almost-covered-up rape and the relationship between the community and police
Calvin Gross on his experience living in Lawndale – article

The Bible:
Mike Erre podcast – His view on “inerrancy” and “infallibility”

Video of Dr. Theon Hill of Wheaton College on speaking truth to power and the prophetic tradition

Life Advice:
Steve Blank NYU Commencement Speech 2016 transcript

AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning:
Andreessen Horowitz Video by Frank Chen – “AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning – A Primer”

Gary Chapman video – 5 Languages of Apology

Content Marketing:
Nat Eliason article – Growing a Site from 0 to 10k Visitors a Month: Nat Version
Sarah Peterson article – Growing a Site from 0 to 10k Visitors a Month: Sarah Peterson Version
Sarah Peterson article about Republishing

Financial Modeling to Prove Social Impact:
Patagonia CEO, Rose Marcario, article about on-site child care paying for itself

How we prioritize certain Issues in voting – article
Article about the changing political perspectives of young Evangelicals

Atul Gawande article about how to innovatively reduce healthcare costs

Laszlo Block post about creating a great resume

Study showing the benefits of Vitamin C for some groups of people
Study about the benefits of sunscreen
Study showing more skin cancer on the left-side (probably from driver side sun exposure)
Another study showing more skin cancer on the left-side