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Joining the Future of Surgical Care: My Journey to VP of Marketing at HST Pathways

Exciting news: I’ve joined HST Pathways as the VP of Marketing!
HST is a ~$50M Bain Capital-backed software company focused on helping surgery centers.
A few of the reasons why I joined:
-Great and growing company (size, growth rate, profitability, culture, etc.)
-Strong alignment on marketing philosophy with my new boss, Nick Latz
As an example, even the job description mentioned demand creation and capture and said “You are a continuous leader, seeking out peers and thought leaders like Chris Walker and Dave Gerhardt to learn from.”
-Team and culture – the Marketers & execs I met all seemed sharp, engaging, and collaborative. The kind of people who I want to spend many hours with.
-Products & industry – Being able to help people provide better care for surgeries is very motivating. Plus HST’s products are game-changing for surgery centers (especially for those moving from on-premise solutions).
It’s going to be a fun ride! I’ll continue to build in public and provide actionable strategies and tactics.