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What to do before starting a new job to prep

Starting a new job? Here’s what to do before your start date.

Beforehand, you should be doing research on:

– The industry

– The company’s products

– The company’s competitors

– Who you’ll be working with

Understanding the industry is especially helpful if you’re joining a new industry as I just did.

As an example, I joined HST Pathways a couple of months ago, which primarily focuses on software for ambulatory surgery centers, or ASCs, which are essentially outpatient surgery centers not at a hospital.

I found the top 5 industry podcasts & listened to over 200 podcast episodes while interviewing & before starting the job.

And I also talked to physicians & others who worked in ASCs.

Now that I’m inside the company, I’ve augmented that by speaking to customers & prospects and listening to Gong calls.

What other areas do you like to do research on before joining?