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Mastering The Ladder: Proven Strategies to Accelerate Your Promotion to Marketing Manager or Sr. Manager – Part 3

How to get promoted to Manager or Sr. Manager in Marketing (part 3 of my series):

To become a Manager of a specific discipline in Marketing (e.g. Product Marketing Manager), you need:
– Demonstrated completion of successful projects
– Curiosity to learn more

To become a Senior Manager of a specific discipline in Marketing (e.g. Senior Product Marketing Manager):
– Able to estimate timelines and due dates accurately and consistently
– Able to plan out and execute projects with high performance from framework to collaboration & review to completion
– Proficient with the relevant tech stack
– Able to track the quantitative performance of activities

What would you add or change? Has your experience been different?

Reminder about the stages I’m talking about in the series: Intern, Associate, Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, Sr. Director, VP, 2x VP, CMO.

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