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Unlocking Success: Essential Skills and Strategies for Securing a Director or Senior Director Marketing Role (Part 4)

Want to get a Director or Sr. Director Marketing role? Here’s what you need (part 4 of the series)

– People management experience (ideally 2+ people)
– Deep expertise in the specific discipline of Marketing, perks if you have experience in another discipline too
– Has shown quantitative impact on ROI, pipeline, ARR, or other relevant metrics to the discipline
– Has shown the ability to create strategic plans but still able to get your hands dirty
– Able to do budgeting, forecasting, and financial management, most likely with the help of someone more senior
– Proficient with analysis and reporting
– Proficient with your own discipline’s tech stack and some abilities in other disciplines’ tech stacks
– Strong collaborator with other teams inside and outside of Marketing

To become a Senior Director in Mktg:
– Do things that Directors do but be consistently achieving or outperforming people management, marketing planning, and quantitative goals

Reminder: Stages I’ll show: Intern, Associate, Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, Sr. Director, VP, 2x VP, CMO.
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Was this similar to your path, or did you have something else to get into your 1st Dir/Sr. Dir job?

Or if you’re not there yet, what have you been told that you still need?