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Why Not Displaying Prices on Your Software Website Could Be Costing You Sales: A Comprehensive Analysis

No public pricing on your website? You’re missing out! 

Here’s why software companies should list actual pricing on their website:

You need it if you want to have a PLG motion. Few people will self-sign-up for something that they don’t how much it will cost.

You automatically filter out people that won’t have enough budget to pay for what you do. Any time spent on these people from Sales is a waste. You can avoid these people who you’ll win at a 0-1% rate by having them self-disqualify.

If you’re worried about competitors copying your pricing or negotiating lower, they probably already know your pricing… Prospects often share competing quotes with another company as a negotiation tactic. So… your competition has probably already seen your quotes. That means you putting it on your website is going to make no difference.

When a company is in the beginning stages of a buying process or they’re trying to put together a business case to get approval to buy your type of software, one of the first things that typically happens is a manager will do some research online to find the pricing ranges for competitors. You might not get thrown in the mix of consideration if they have to request a quote just to get estimated pricing.

You might say that showing pricing doesn’t give Sales the chance to sell the value of the product to make them see that it’s worth the cost. However, if you’re “creating demand” through Marketing, they should be coming in well-educated already. 

What’s your take? What am I missing?