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Revolutionizing Customer Service: Why More Companies are Embracing Chatbots and Voicebots

Here’s why I think more companies will turn to customer experience automation by using chatbots and voicebots:

Customer experience teams are being asked to do more with less budget.

That means they need to get creative and innovative about how they serve their customers.

You can still deliver a great customer experience using chatbots and voicebots.

*Just remember to make it easy for someone to get to a live agent if needed.*

For example, a food delivery company can add a voicebot to help when someone’s order has issues. Voicebot tech has gotten to the level that they can understand whole sentences and not just words, so it would be easy to diagnose the issue and provide a fix without needing a live agent’s help for this.

Do you have positive / negative feelings about this kind of automation?

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Creating a Successful 2023 Support Tech Landscape: An Unbiased Approach to Positioning Your Brand

Have you thought about making a tech landscape for your industry? We just created the 2023 Support Tech Landscape.

Here’s why and how we did it 👇


It didn’t exist for Customer Support, so we had a green field opportunity

We get to choose how we position ourselves in the mental map of prospects

We get to highlight the drawbacks (and strengths) of other categories of products

This is a dark social share-worthy piece for people to share with colleagues that will drive traffic to our website and help people learn about us


1. We asked Support leaders NOT affiliated with Zingtree – not current customers – to write the article so that it came across more objectively

2. I suggested the categories to use

3. I suggested the structure to use:
-category definition
-short description of each vendor in the category
-pros and cons of each category

4. They wrote it

5. We reviewed and shared feedback

6. Design turned them into images

Have you created a tech landscape before? How would you improve ours? See the full article in the comments.