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Ascend the Marketing Ladder: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Each Career Level in Marketing

I’m starting a new series on how to advance each career level in Marketing.

Stages I’ll show: Intern, Associate, Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, Sr. Director, VP, 2x VP, CMO.
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Each level in Marketing builds on the experience of previous levels.

My framework assumes you want to manage people and become the general VP of Marketing or CMO; not just a VP/SVP of a specific discipline in Marketing.
Although most of the requirements would be similar.

These are not hard and fast rules and it’s geared more toward people working in startups rather than big enterprises.

Many people will be exceptions to these in some way in their journey. Nevertheless, hopefully, it can help guide you.

Starting from the bottom:
To get your 1st Marketing internship:

– Have a strong referral from someone

– Do a side project so there is something tangible to show for your experience

– Analyze the Marketing of the company you’re applying to and share that with the hiring team and post it on LinkedIn

– Use perseverance, curiosity, and tenacity to find the first internship

– If you can’t get a referral and you’re following the steps above, you might need to apply to a lot to get your first one.

Lastly, shoutout to 🍏 Mason Cosby for prompting me to think about this when he interviewed me on The Marketing Ladder podcast.

What have you seen be helpful in getting the 1st internship?