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How to use a RACI Matrix for Project Management & Alignment

Ever struggled to know who should handle what components on a project? 🤔 If yes, then try a RACI matrix 🙌

RACI = Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, & Informed

R – Responsible: the person responsible for completing a project & actually doing most of the work

A – Accountable: the person ultimately accountable for the success or failure of a task or project.
They make sure that everything is on track & that the project is completed within the allotted time, budget, & scope.

C – Consulted: the people consulted for their expertise or input. Think of them for feedback and guidance.

I – Informed: the people who should be informed about the progress or completion of the project

Using a RACI matrix can help your team avoid confusion & overlap in roles, improve communication and collaboration, & ultimately lead to more effective processes. 🚀

When I started at HST Pathways, I found RACIs especially helpful to get aligned with the team on our Quarterly Detailed Marketing Roadmap, hiring, etc.

Have you used a RACI matrix?
Have any similar responsibility frameworks you like to use?