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Prompts to Create Unique Point of Views (POVs) for Improving Marketing Messaging & Differentiation

If you can swap your competitor’s name onto your web pages & nothing changes 😳, you probably don’t have unique POVs.

Here are 5 prompts to help create them & stand out: 💡

1. What do we believe that our competitors would disagree with?

2. What are things we believe are true but others would view as non-obvious, an interesting insight, or different from the norm?

3. What do we take a different angle on compared to our competitors?

4. If you were giving a talk, what would be new or unique concepts for the audience to hear?

5. For a certain product, what are our unique points of view on the market based on understanding 100s of customers?

How to take action on these:
1. Make a list of answers to questions like this
2. Brainstorm them further with others
3. Choose one to write up some notes about and explore it further
4. Turn it into an article or a video talk

>>> What are other questions you like for creating unique POVs?