Boosting Brand Visibility: How to Leverage YouTube Developer Influencers with Voximplant’s Video API Integration

I recently kicked off a new initiative / hypothesis: get YouTube influencers that are developers to create sponsored videos on their channels using Voximplant’s APIs/SDKs (e.g. how to integrate video calling into a mobile/web app using our video API).
The idea is this will increase our brand awareness and get us in front of new audiences that haven’t heard of us before. It’s also sort of like outsourcing the demo creation part of the devrel function.
1. Has anyone done this before? If so, any advice for me?
2. Would anyone like to pitch these YouTube developer influencers jointly? We could ask if they would like to make a video about each of our companies’ products. We could probably get better rates b/c many provide discounts if you commit to multiple videos.