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Boosting Contact Centre Productivity: Unveiling Zingtree’s Exciting New Positioning & Messaging Strategy

I just presented new positioning & messaging to our whole company. Here’s the slide flow (in a condensed version for this text post):

Slide 1: Think to yourself: How do you describe Zingtree to someone when they ask you? (pause for people to think about it in their heads)

Slide 2: Why care about positioning: Consistent story, differentiated, mental map, aligned GTM motions & product roadmap

Slide 3: Factors to consider:
1. Must align with the company goal of ____.
2. Can the Manager/Director of Support easily explain Zingtree to the VP/SVP of Support?

Slide 4: What I’ve heard in my 1.5 months so far: (show options of what different people say and the sentiment you think each has)

Slide 5: New one-line positioning: Elevate contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software

Slide 6: Breaking our one-liner down: (explain the meaning behind each word)

Slide 7: Key capabilities (list the key capabilities and a description of each)

The reaction was very positive and people are excited about it!

What would you add/change to this framework?