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Boosting Contact Center Productivity: How Effective Communication Can Win Your Software the Top Spot

How does the Director describe your company to their VP when they’re explaining why they should consider buying your software?

That moment is so crucial if you actually want to get considered and win the deal.

Having positioning that is easy for someone else to remember and repeat is so key!

If they can’t communicate it clearly to others, then people will be confused by your company and you’ll get passed up. Probably by some competitor that makes their stuff easier to understand and repeat.

Our hope for Zingtree: that people can understand and repeat “Zingtree elevates contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software.”

Wdyt? Think a Director of Support will understand that and be able to repeat and explain it?

What’s yours? I can give you my take if I think it’s understandable and repeatable.

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Boosting Contact Centre Productivity: Unveiling Zingtree’s Exciting New Positioning & Messaging Strategy

I just presented new positioning & messaging to our whole company. Here’s the slide flow (in a condensed version for this text post):

Slide 1: Think to yourself: How do you describe Zingtree to someone when they ask you? (pause for people to think about it in their heads)

Slide 2: Why care about positioning: Consistent story, differentiated, mental map, aligned GTM motions & product roadmap

Slide 3: Factors to consider:
1. Must align with the company goal of ____.
2. Can the Manager/Director of Support easily explain Zingtree to the VP/SVP of Support?

Slide 4: What I’ve heard in my 1.5 months so far: (show options of what different people say and the sentiment you think each has)

Slide 5: New one-line positioning: Elevate contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software

Slide 6: Breaking our one-liner down: (explain the meaning behind each word)

Slide 7: Key capabilities (list the key capabilities and a description of each)

The reaction was very positive and people are excited about it!

What would you add/change to this framework?