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Unlocking Market Success: How to Develop and Test Unique Points of View Based on Customer Insights

Create unique points of view if you want to STAND out in the market.

Yours should be based on what you see across hundreds of customers and conversations – a perspective that few others have.

Here’s how to develop them and have them relate to your product:

1. Think about the mindsets that need to shift for people to move from “problem unaware” to “problem aware”.

A popular one in Marketing is that marketing has become too focused on doing activities that show up in attribution software, which makes them ignore common-sense practices that are harder to track in attribution software.

One of them in the CX world is that companies’ knowledge bases aren’t actually helping contact center agents enough, b/c knowledge is only half the battle. Execution is the other part.

2. Create a list of 10 of them. It helps if they’re contrarian or will peak someone’s interest.

3. Meet with your go-to-market team or leaders and give them a couple of minutes to come up with more. (People frequently interacting with customers often have to think about this).

4. Combine these lists. Discuss all of them together and riff on them to improve or reject them.

5. Then ask people to vote on their top 3-5.

5. Now you have a ranked order of your unique points of view on the market based on understanding 100s of customers.

6. Now go test and iterate on these top 3-5 to see if they resonate with people. If so, lean into them! If they don’t rework it or choose another on your brainstormed list.

We recently did this at Zingtree, and it was super fruitful.

What would you add/change from this?

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Unlocking Startup Success: Why Your Product Descriptor Matters More Than a Category

You probably don’t need to create a category for your startup yet…

Instead, create a great product descriptor or campaign name. Aka do Marketing.

As Todd Barr has said, if you create a category too early when you’re not the winner, you might be spending money for someone else to win the category.

So how do you choose your name then? Choose something that:
– Gets people excited
– Tells them more about what the company does
– Descriptive enough but not too bland
– Not too broad
– Your company is one of the best at