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8-Step Guide to Crafting Engaging Customer Stories: Our Proven Process Revealed

Our customer story creation process is getting honed in!
Here’s how it works and an example of one:

1. Ask CSMs and Sales for potential customers that would be open to customer stories

2. Search Salesforce for interesting customers (and with strong usage / CSAT)

3. Get intros to customers and ask if they’re open to doing it (or have CSM/AE ask for you). Show how it’s valuable for their personal brand and for their company.

4. If they agree, send them questions in advance. Schedule a time for a video interview. 

5. Draft a written customer story from the video interview and also create a video version or audiogram version.

6. Send for their review & approval.

7. Assuming it’s good, publish and promote.

8. Optional but suggested: Repurpose the content. Turn it into educational paid social ads, social posts, use snippets in other content, etc.

Example: Stephanie Ogozaly created a recent customer story with Groupon, and I think it’s super! Big thanks to Aksana Aleksiaichuk Koch, Jack Claeys, and of course Adam Lindsey, our customer superstar, as well! See a link to it in the comments.

What do you think? What would you change? How is your process different?

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Email Newsletter Growth Hack: Reviews & Referrals at the Bottom of Emails

Want a quick win? Include these at the bottom of every email newsletter:

“Leave a G2 review & get a $50 gift card.
Email a screenshot to & we’ll send the gift card.”

“Refer a customer and get $X [after they take a meeting with us / after they become a customer].
Refer them by [doing xyz].”

I’ve done this in the past, & we got new reviews & referrals for basically no additional work.

What are other things you like to put at the end of every email newsletter?