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Boosting Marketing Success: How Regular Interactions with Customers Can Transform Your Strategy

Want to make talking to customers, prospects, and your ICP a priority for Marketing?

Make it a goal for everyone on your team to have X interviews, calls, or meetings with them in a quarter.

If this is new, I’d suggest setting 10 each as the goal.

And make sure to discuss these convos as a team so that the insights get shared with each other.

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Customer Interviews for Marketing: a Real Example

Soon after starting at HST Pathways, I asked a COO at a happy customer, “What else is part of your tech stack other than HST Pathways?”

COO: confused face 😯

I quickly clarified, “What other software tools are you using?” Then she named a couple of others.

What I learned:
1. Our ICP doesn’t use the same jargon as me!
2. Most of them are not as tech-focused as other industries.
3. Reiterated the power of customer interviews, especially when in a new job.

>>> Watch the body language in customer interviews as much as you listen to the words said.

What have been some aha moments for you when speaking with customers?