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Escaping the HIPPO Syndrome: Encouraging Collaboration and Open Dialogue in Content Creation

HIPPOs – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion 🦛
They too often run the show with no chance for feedback or dialogue from others. We’ve likely all been there.

Here’s an example regarding content. I’ve had past managers that would provide content edits, & I sometimes disagreed with them.

It felt like I had no choice but to accept them and move on b/c they were the boss – the kind of boss that wasn’t open to changing their mind or hearing other viewpoints 🙅‍♂️

Now that I’m the manager of content creators, I’m intentional about doing the opposite 💡

– If I leave feedback or suggestions, I often invite their thoughts to have a discussion about it. “Thoughts?” “What do you think about this?” “Just an idea to consider.”

– If I feel strongly about something, I’ll explain the reasoning for my opinion and then ask for their thoughts.

– I’ll let the writer decide what the final outcome should be if I don’t feel strongly about something. “Just an idea. You can decide what to do here.”

How do you elicit good collaboration and feedback?
What do you think of my approach?