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Mastering Your English Job Interview: Tips for Non-Native Speakers to Boost Confidence

I’m not sure who needs to hear this today but don’t be afraid of interviewing in English as a non-native speaker.

The Marketer I interviewed today occasionally forgot how to say certain words or phrases in English. That is no big deal for 95%+ of roles! Especially in this case b/c it was for an international region.

Heck, even native speakers often can’t think of the right word to say to capture a certain sentiment.

Knowing more than 1 language is a huge value; be proud of your roots and your ability to learn new things.

I hope this helps you be confident in your next interview 🙂

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Unconventional Interviewing Strategies: How a 90-Day Plan and Team Research Can Transform Your Job Hunt

2 pieces of uncommon interviewing advice I gave to a friend yesterday:

1. Create a 90-day plan for what you’d do if you joined, even if they don’t ask you for this.
This helps show initiative and can show you know your stuff, their business, etc. 🌶️Arthur Castillo and John McDevitt shared they have both done this in the past and found success with it.

2. Research who is on the current team. 
That will help you see if you’re backfilling someone or if it’s a net new addition to the team. Also see how many are on the team, esp. in your specific discipline. Then position yourself accordingly.

What’s your’s uncommon interview advice?

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Mastering Your Job Interview: 46 Essential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Save this post for when you’re interviewing: 46 questions to ask the people interviewing you.

Now you’ll never run out of things to ask when they say, “Do you have any questions for me?”

This has a Marketing focus, but it can be applicable to other jobs too.

1. Where do you go to learn more?
2. What does the reporting structure look like?
3. How big is the Marketing team today? What is the team makeup? Are there agencies, freelancers, or consultants in use too?
4. What % of pipeline & revenue is sourced by Marketing?
5. What is the company growth rate?
6. Why are they looking to hire this position now? Is it replacing someone or a net new hire?
7. What’s the culture like?
8. How is the podcast going?
9. What % of ad spend is spent on demand capture vs demand creation?
10. How much have they implemented demand creation?
11. What’s interesting or unique about [your potential new boss]?
12. What responsibilities or teams fall under them?
13. What kind of feedback have they given you?
14. How do you like to give feedback?
15. From what you know so far, what do you see as my biggest fit and biggest gap to overcome?
16. How do the company financials look? How has the economic slowdown affected [company]?
17. Are they profitable? If not, how much runway do they have?
18. What is the annual budget for Marketing? How does that compare to last year’s?
19. What % of the company is fully remote?
20. How many physical offices are there?
21. How large is the TAM?
22. What countries / regions are you in? What is the rev split btwn them?
23. How much [type of mktg] are you doing right now?
24. What % of revenue is from self-service vs sales assisted?
25. What % of revenue is from expansion vs net new?
26. What % of revenue is from outside the US [or replace main country]?
27. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the hiring manager?
28. What motivates you to wake up in the morning?
29. What makes you question if I’d be a good fit or are you still wondering about?
30. What is the vesting schedule for the equity?
31. Can I see a quick demo?
32. Why did the last person leave?
33. What is the sales cycle length?
34. What is the ACV?
35. What does the competitive landscape look like?
36. What does a potential future exit look like?
37. What do you see as the biggest risks to achieving the vision?
38. Can you tell me about how you review company metrics and marketing metrics and on what cadence?
39. How often do you talk to customers and prospects or listen to meetings with them?
40. What are the conversion rates from demo request to opportunity and opportunity to closed won?
41. How many Sales people are there?
42. What are the biggest company goals?
43. Where do you think marketing needs to improve the most?
44. What is the current lead quality?
45. What does lead follow up look like?
46. What are the most common reasons HST loses a deal?

What’s your fav?