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Cracking the Code: Essential Strategies for Breaking into the Software Sales Industry

I spoke with a former classmate looking for advice about how to break into software sales. My top advice to her?

– Be willing to take a job at a company even if it’s not your dream company.
You can always switch later, and then you’ll have the right job title, so recruiters will be more interested in considering you for positions.

– Narrow down your interest to certain industries / verticals.
It will be easier for people you speak with to think of specific people to connect you with for further networking.
This is the difference between saying, “I want to work in tech” and “I want to work for a health tech software company”.

– Think about marketing yourself.
Make your resume tailored to the positions that you’re shooting for. When describing your results, use the same language as the job descriptions do. You need to position yourself in a way that will be relatable to them.

What’s your advice for her? I’ll send the comments to her later 🙂