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Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile for a Successful Job Switch: Top Suggestions for Customer Success Professionals

I gave feedback on a friend’s LI profile as she’s trying to switch jobs. See below for what I said.

Want some feedback on your profile? Comment below and I’ll give you a couple of pointers.

Consider changing your last job to have just one title / experience rather than two that happen at the same time, and title it something like Client Management and Customer Success.

Consider changing your top title under your name to something like Customer Success so that it’s clearer to people your focus.

Limit your Open to Work “My next job should offer me:” section to just one: “Customer Success Manager”.

Update your about section to be more about customer success too.

Consider changing other job titles or job descriptions to relate better to common job req bullet points.

Add English as a language.

Add volunteer experience.

Get a few recommendations from past colleagues listed on your profile. You could even help suggest topics for what they can write about if they’re stuck.

Your college is listed twice in the education section. Remove one of them. Make sure the one that stays links to the actual LinkedIn page so that people can see it’s a real college.