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5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Successful 2x VP of Marketing: An Insider’s Guide

To become a 2x VP of Marketing, you need 5 things:

1. Already been a VP of Marketing at a company with ARR greater than the ARR of the company you’re joining (they want to know you can get to their level; it’s risky to a company if you’ve never worked at their level already)

2. Proven pipeline and revenue results from the last company you worked at

3. Able to speak to specific campaigns end to end

4. Able to give examples of how to solve people management issues

5. Able to put together a solid 90 day and/or 1 year Marketing plan


Background to this series:
Each level in Marketing builds on the experience of previous levels.
My framework assumes you want to manage people and become the general VP of Marketing or CMO; not just a VP/SVP of a specific discipline in Marketing.
Although most of the requirements would be similar.
These are not hard & fast rules and it’s geared more toward people working in startups rather than big enterprises.
Many people will be exceptions to these in some way in their journey. Nevertheless, hopefully, it can help guide you.

Reminder: Stages I’m showing in this series: Intern, Associate, Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, Sr. Director, VP, 2x VP, CMO.
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