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Riding the Podcast Wave: How Businesses Will Use Podcasts to Engage Customers in 2022

In 2022, I predict podcasts will become a primary channel for how customers learn from their vendors.

Podcast listens are growing rapidly, and not just for personal / fun podcasts. There are a lot of business / professional growth podcasts!

And this isn’t just a national trend. This is happening globally – just ask any podcast host to show you their regional breakdown of listeners.

Many companies are launching their own podcasts as a way to create thought leadership. They often bring on outside experts.

This is a great way to engage with existing customers and keep them viewing you as a valuable resource, and it’s a good way to engage with new people who aren’t yet customers.

So how about you?

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Unlocking Global Success: Insights from My International Marketing Interview on the Marketing Trends Podcast

I was interviewed on the Marketing Trends podcast recently! Click the link below to listen to the whole episode to hear about international marketing, creating demand, and how to scale marketing in a competitive space.

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Unveiling Career Success Secrets: My Exclusive Interview on The Marketing Ladder Podcast

Check out the latest podcast I was interviewed on for some career advice and Marketing best practices!

Thanks for a great conversation, The Marketing Ladder & 🍏 Mason Cosby

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