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Demystifying Marketing Jargon: A Soil Scientist’s Guide for Non-Marketers

My wife made a “glossary for non-Marketing folks” & sent it to my family after I shared a Marketing podcast I was on.

She’s a Soil Scientist so I’m amazed at how accurate her jargon decryption is!

Here’s what she sent: 🔥🤯

-ICP = ideal customer profile

-CAC = cost of acquiring customer

-pipeline = sales/marketing pipeline from potential customer (lead) to sales-identified great fit (opportunity) to closed-won (customer chose Zingtree!)

-OKRs = objectives & key results (to define goals/track outcomes)

-keywords = company selected words/phrases for paid search ads (ex. Someone types “customer support software” into Google, & if it’s a Zingtree keyword phrase, the algorithm may show an ad based on the bid settings ($))

-demand gen = creating awareness/demand for your product & the problem it solves for customers

-demand capture = getting potential customers into the sales pipeline of your specific brand/solution

Pretty impressive for someone not in Marketing, right?!
I guess we’ve talked about my job a lot 😅

You should use this when teaching your family what you do!