F and J Ridges and Reminders in Life

Have you ever found yourself typing on your computer and you realize that all your letters are wrong because your hands were in the wrong position?

But then you put your forefingers back on the ridges on F and J on the keyboard and you can type normally again?

Well I think this can happen in life too. Think about it. The ridges on the F and J are like reminders to keep you on the right track for typing. They help center you, and it makes it so you do the right things and don’t mess up.

In life, I think we need these reminders too. We may begin to get sidetracked or start doing something we shouldn’t or we get our priorities wrong, but if we have some reminders in our life that will put us back on track, it will help us immensely. Put some “F and J ridges” in your life so that you can be reminded of the right things to do.

Some of my “F and J ridges”:

  • Quotes I put up in my room
  • My Wheaton College lanyard to remind me of how blessed I am to go to school there
  • Sticky notes at work
  • Memorized Bible verses
  • A big sheet of paper filled with things I’m thankful for
  • My laptop screensaver picture depicting one of my girlfriend’s favorite paintings

What are your “F and J ridges”?