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Maximizing Sales and Minimizing Costs: A Deep Dive into Zingtree’s Innovative Marketing Assets

Here’s a teardown of a marketing asset that Zingtree recently created for the Sales team. 

Shows benefit while speaking to cost-savings.
In today’s economic uncertainty, speaking about cost savings is more important than normal. 

Middle boxes:
Heading: gives specific outcomes they can expect, based on what we’ve seen from actual customers. E.g. Ramp agents 85% faster
Description: Describes features & benefits related to the outcome
Icons: Related to the text, break up the text to make it more digestible

Lower boxes: 
Social proof: descriptions from customers achieving great outcomes related to the middle boxes.
Customer logos: eye-catching brands people may recognize

Bottom sentences:
Use social proof of the # of companies. Include a CTA to take the next steps.

What other insights do you see here? What would you change in it?