The Social Network and The Meaning of Life

I just watched The Social Network for the first time yesterday (yes, that may surprise some of you, but I had just never gotten around to it).

I thought it was a very interesting movie and I really liked it.

As most of you know, Grant Hensel, and I started a business (Backbone Local) this year so this movie felt even more relevant than it would have 6 months ago.

At the end of the movie, I came away deep in thought in a pondering mood. It really made me think and reflect.
Here’s a coupe insights I gleaned from this movie:

  1. Startups take a TON of work. So many countless hours. And things in other parts of your life will come at the expense of it. It is not for the faint hearted. You must be passionate about it or you will fizzle out.
  2. Creating a $7 billion startup is not the pinnacle of life. You have not “reached it” when you do that. Life will not be perfect just because of business success. Life is still empty for Mark at the last scene. He’s got all the money and business success that someone could imagine and at such a young age, but it does not define him and it does not make his life perfect. We’re left at the last scene feeling his longings for more than business success.
  3. We need Christians creating billion dollar startups but doing it the right way, with a balanced life, treating people well and serving them, and all for the glory of God. We need an example other than the famous Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckeeberg. Someone who does it the right way and show how you can follow Jesus wholeheartedly and create a wildly successful startup.

Who knows, maybe God will use me to do that. You may say I’m dreaming too big, and I probably am by most standards, but if that’s what He wants me doing, then I am NOT going to underestimate Him. I take him at His word when God says He will do things infinitely beyond what we can dream of or ask for (Ephesians 3:20). I can dream big because I believe in a BIG God. But count me in for whatever success and faithfulness looks like for my life, even if it means a simple day job. I’ll follow Him wherever He leads. Because success is faithfulness.


What did you think about the movie? Do you think we need Christian examples in the business world? Comment below!