experimentation marketing

Unleashing Marketing Potential: Innovative Experimentation Strategies for Success

Marketers should always have some of their time and budget dedicated to experimentation. Here are some ideas for ways to experiment:

>> Change the company size parameters

>> Broaden the countries or languages you target

>> Go after a different industry 

>> Try new job titles
Either include them in your existing ad campaigns or break it out separately with job title specific messaging. 

>> Test new messaging and see if it resonates better with your audience. 
You can use organic or paid social to do this, you can change website copy, or you can use a tool like Wynter to get feedback behind the scenes. 

>> Work with a partner to test a joint solution with a few prospects. 

>> Test a new channel for organic or paid and see the engagement you get. 

These are just a handful of examples to get your brain thinking. 

What other experiments have you tried? What have been some of your most successful experiments?