8×8’s Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video Content at Enterprise Connect

I decided I am going to create videos occasionally sharing updates or lessons I’ve learned that you may also find helpful. Today’s video is about 8×8’s presence at Enterprise Connect last week. We created 8×8 branded Google Cardboard Viewers, an app with VR content, and a 360 degree video. Check out the video and comment below to let me know what you think!

It was a cross-functional team effort to pull this off, so thank you to all of you who helped in a big or small way! Meghan Keough, Russ Chadinha, Joanna Cyprus, Iverson Chan, Lehel Kulcsar, Haim Tebeka, Bogdan Muresan, Matthew Mourlam, Marius Gherman, Dan Damian, Alin Luca, Mihai Radu Damian, Steven Miller, Keith Urauchi, Anna Kisin, Venkat Nagaswamy, Vi Tran, Vik Verma, Dejan Deklich, Jeff Romano, and Bryan Martin, David Chase, Tracy Pullman, Alyssa Sachs, Quynh Cline, Suman Bisht, Yvonne Donaldson, Tac Berry, Randy Ksar, Dylan Hawkins, Gene Daly, Ryann Dulisse, and others I may have missed.

Go here if you’d like to see the 360-degree video and the app.