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Boost Your Team’s Productivity with this Effective Marketing Status Report Template

Here’s my Marketing status report template that I like to use with each team member.

It helps me stay aligned on an individual’s priorities and helps me clear roadblocks for them so that they can be more successful.

Also, reviewing this before our 1:1 makes it so that the 1:1s can be more strategic and about topics they want to dive deeper about.

I provided an example under each section so that you can see what I mean.

May 11-17
Questions for Grant:
– What is the latest regarding the target account list?

Waiting on others to complete something and date it’s been pending since:
– SEO agency to share list of new backlinks – 5/2

Published (externally or internally) since our last meeting:

– New YouTube video about X published

Accomplished this week:
– Published a new customer story video with Tesla

Plan for next week:
– Hold enablement session with Sales to train them on new positioning & messaging

Quarterly Roadmap/OKRs/KPIs Progress Completion (depending on what you use / call these):
– Publish 5 customer stories: 2/5 complete

People kudos and/or concerns:

– Kudos to Maura for helping me develop the new eChart positioning & messaging guide
Feedback for Grant:

– When you said ___ to Elon, that was very insensitive.
Feedback for <your name>:

What’s your template? What would you add/subtract/change?