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Mastering Precision Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Audience Targeting for Your Business

How to Nail Targeting¬†ūüéĮ: Create combos of Use Case¬†+ ICP¬†+ Industry/Company Characteristics¬†+ Region

Create a spreadsheet and map each combo of those 4 things together. You’ll probably have a list of 5-15 rows.

Then rank your top 3-5 and discuss with key people (Sales, CX, CEO, Product) to come to an agreement.

Then this drives all of your efforts ⬇

1. Marketing runs targeted campaigns with a specific use case message to people with specific titles in specific industries at specific companies in specific regions.

2. Marketing creates content & community that resonates with this targeted audience.

3. Sales does outreach to this targeted audience & becomes experts in their internal buying process.

4. CX puts a bigger emphasis on retention and upsell with this targeted audience.

5. Product builds new features for this targeted audience.

Of course, you’ll iterate these over time as you learn more, but this approach will drive a focused strategy that you can rally the whole company around.

What am I missing? Agree/disagree?