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Boosting Business Growth: How We Increased Our Pipeline by 54% in One Quarter

We grew pipeline 54% QoQ last quarter 🎉 Here’s how and why:

1️⃣ The initiatives from the previous interim head of Marketing, Keiko Tokuda, and the rest of the Marketing team started taking effect more (I joined 4.5 months ago at Zingtree so I can’t take all the credit 😊)

2️⃣ We changed our positioning & messaging to be more relevant to our target audience & created related content

3️⃣ Optimized Google and Bing ads (particularly turning off low-performing campaigns)

4️⃣ Started to create demand (especially through educational distribution-focused paid social ads)

5️⃣ We exhibited at a tradeshow event and created extra opps in comparison to normal

6️⃣ We had more 6-figure deals come inbound than previous quarters

We have a 30% opp to closed won rate for our pipeline, so this isn’t just fluffy pipe increase.

👉 What has helped you grow your pipeline lately?