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5 Rapid Strategies for Gaining Valuable Customer Insights: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to rapidly gain customer insights? Here are some of the fastest ways:
1. Go to a tradeshow and talk with potential prospects for 2-3 days straight
2. Set up multiple customer calls for the next week and stack them near each other
3. Join prospect calls
4. Read through support tickets
5. Reach out on LinkedIn to experts asking to learn with no sales pitch involved

What are other ways you like to quickly gain customer insights?


Unlocking Success: Why Quantitative Results are the #1 Factor in Job Applicants’ Resumes

The #1 thing I look for in job applicants’ resumes is:

Quantitative results and accomplishments listed

This shows me that they care about the results they achieve and don’t just do work because someoneĀ told them to do specific tasks


Revolutionize Your Business: Unleashing Modern Demand Gen Strategies to Break Through Plateaus

Most companies are going to hit a plateau at some point. What do you do when that happens?

My #1 suggestion: switch to a modern demand gen strategy

Thanks to Sam Kuehnle and Sidney Waterfall for a great podcast conversation!

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Master the Art of Content Creation: A Comprehensive Guide to Never Miss Deadlines Again

Most teams miss content deadlines frequently.

No planning & incorrect time estimations are common issues.

Use this process flow for creating content and backing into estimated due dates for content:

Think of each of these as sub-tasks for creating one piece of content. Put a due date and owner next to each sub-task.

1. First draft created

2. Review #1 by manager (and maybe others who have good domain expertise to give input)

3. Incorporate feedback (if there is any)

4. Potential: Review #2 by manager (and maybe others who have good domain expertise to give input)

5. Incorporate feedback (if there is any) (add more cycles here if needed)

6. Send to Design (if necessary) (note: ideally, design has already been aware and influenced the project)

7. Content creator review design

8. Design incorporate feedback (add more cycles here if needed)

9. Post final files to Google Drive

10. Publish (internally, externally on web, etc. depending on use case)

11. Share with GTM team

What steps would you add or change?