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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful LinkedIn Ads: A Deep Dive into ‘Create Demand’ Campaigns

Curious how “create demand” LinkedIn ads actually look? 👇

These are actual ads we’re running and getting great engagement and reach on.

Key components:

1. Educational message in the image (Zingtree + Zendesk integration story)

2. Long post copy so that those who are curious can dig in and learn more.

3. CTA text to learn more (explicitly not about getting a demo)

4. Related web page when someone clicks through

Deployment strategy:
– Distribution-focused reach to our whole audience that we know uses Zendesk already
– The goal is education in the feed; not a lead gen form fill
– Audience expansion & LinkedIn audience network off

How would you improve these?

Shoutout to Omar I. Hamoda for the great designs!

b2bmarketing creative demandgeneration

Revolutionize Your B2B Social Ads with Midjourney AI: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unleashing Creativity

“One of the coolest ads I’ve ever seen in b2b out of thousands I’ve seen lol” – a quote from our demand gen agency

To stand out in the feed, get creative! And use Midjourney AI to help.

Here’s one of Zingtree’s new paid social ads that Omar I. Hamoda created with the help of Midjourney (an AI text to image generator).

How to do it yourself:
1. Enter a prompt into Midjourney.
2. Choose your favorite output.
3. Make edits to it in an image editing tool (if needed).
You’re done! And you saved hours of design time.