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Mastering Precision Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Audience Targeting for Your Business

How to Nail TargetingĀ šŸŽÆ: Create combos of Use CaseĀ + ICPĀ + Industry/Company CharacteristicsĀ + Region

Create a spreadsheet and map each combo of those 4 things together. You’ll probably have a list of 5-15 rows.

Then rank your top 3-5 and discuss with key people (Sales, CX, CEO, Product) to come to an agreement.

Then this drives all of your effortsĀ ā¬‡

1. Marketing runs targeted campaigns with a specific use case message to people with specific titles in specific industries at specific companies in specific regions.

2. Marketing creates content & community that resonates with this targeted audience.

3. Sales does outreach to this targeted audience & becomes experts in their internal buying process.

4. CX puts a bigger emphasis on retention and upsell with this targeted audience.

5. Product builds new features for this targeted audience.

Of course, you’ll iterate these over time as you learn more, but this approach will drive a focused strategy that you can rally the whole company around.

What am I missing? Agree/disagree?

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Unlock Your Target Audience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhance Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales

Use this template for nailing targeting (for both inbound Marketing & outbound Sales). Below are the steps

1. Create your version of this spreadsheet.

2. Ask Sales, Marketing, CX, & Product to add their ideas.

3. Make logical combinations of the ideas in the top section (if not already done when people added their ideas).

4. Ask people to rank their top 3 (or 5) rows of the combo of these characteristics.

5. Come to an agreement on what your top 3 rows/combos are, and then focus almost all your efforts on them only.

Now you have your exact targeted audience to go after. AND your messaging can be very targeted to their pain points and opportunities.

For paid social in LinkedIn,, Clearbit, or some other tool – use these job titles, company characteristics, countries, etc. to narrow down your audience.

For outbound, use the criteria to make your list for outreach. You can use ZoomInfo,, Lusha, or others to filter down companies & contacts using the criteria you created. Now outreach to this niche audience with a specific message.

Every company is going to have slightly different columns. E.g. Some may not need “Integrations Required”.

What would you change about this template? Have you found success doing something similar?

(Click on the image to make it bigger. Or right-click the image & click “Open Image in New Tab” for a full-screen version.)

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Split the Funnel Analysis for Effective Demand Generation

Actual tactics for “split the funnel” analysis (click image for full view):

Break down every stage in your funnel, by quarter and lead source.

Then analyze the cost ratios.

This will give you powerful insights into historical data if the company has been focused on lead gen.

Now you’ll have a business case to probably take budget away from Google Ads (and probably other sources) and start creating demand.

Add qualitative attribution from a free-form required “How did you hear about us?” and you’ll be able to show your create demand strategies drive results too.

Big shoutout to Danna Troncattty Leahy for helping me with this!

How does your analysis look? Anything you’d add?