b2bmarketing design rebrand

Unveiling Zingtree’s Vibrant New Brand Identity: A Blend of Human Connection and Visual Appeal

BIG UPDATE for Zingtree

We rebranded to a new visual identity! 🎉

It highlights the real human connection our product creates, looks more visually appealing, and was based on many ICP meetings & research performed by Marketing & Product Design. 

Big shoutout to Omar I. Hamoda for leading the effort internally. You’re a rockstar, Omar!

b2bmarketing design generativeAI

Leveraging Generative AI and Omar I. Hamoda’s Expertise for Revolutionary Ad Design: A Shoutout to Zingtree

We’re using Omar I. Hamoda’s design & editing talent + generative AI (Midjourney) to take our ads to another level!

Pushing the boundaries of what will be scroll-stopping + communicating our message.

We use the text copy above the ad images to further communicate our message too.

Can we give a round of applause to Omar!?

Also, if your company has a contact center, tell them to check out Zingtree 😊

b2bmarketing design generativeAI

Utilizing Generative AI for Innovative Advertising: Insights from our Discussion with Refine Labs

So fun to speak with Refine Labs’ Cassidy and Carl about how we’re using generative AI for ads, the website, videos, and more!

Generative AI should become a big part of your workflow. Otherwise, you’ll likely get left behind…

Give it a listen and comment / DM us with any questions or ideas!