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Mastering ChatGPT: The Essential Guide to Writing Effective Prompts for Enhanced AI Communication

Knowing how to write great prompts in ChatGPT (and others) is a new skill you NEED to learn. 

For instance:

“Translate this text:”


“Rewrite this text in X language in a natural manner”

Give DIFFERENT results. 

This is the new way ✊

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Leveraging Generative AI and Omar I. Hamoda’s Expertise for Revolutionary Ad Design: A Shoutout to Zingtree

We’re using Omar I. Hamoda’s design & editing talent + generative AI (Midjourney) to take our ads to another level!

Pushing the boundaries of what will be scroll-stopping + communicating our message.

We use the text copy above the ad images to further communicate our message too.

Can we give a round of applause to Omar!?

Also, if your company has a contact center, tell them to check out Zingtree 😊

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Revolutionize Your Content Strategy with AI: Introducing a Fully Automated, Customizable Blog Post Generator

My second invention: a customizable blog post generation product using generative AI 🤖
And I made it fully automated end-to-end (from prompting to publishing).

-Take in a long list of relevant prompts (or generate them for you)
-Add any relevant context to bolster the prompts (optionally automated through an API)
-Generate articles using OpenAI’s API
-Auto-publish or auto-schedule to your website blog & also save them locally
-All of the API parameters are customizable, so you don’t get stock answers like ChatGPT, Jasper, etc.

I’ve started using it myself on a consumer-facing product website, and it works like magic.

If you’re interested in using it at the company you work for, reach out to me ($10K+ annual contract).

And yes, I’ve been working on hobby projects in the two weeks I took before starting the new job 🙂

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Utilizing Generative AI for Innovative Advertising: Insights from our Discussion with Refine Labs

So fun to speak with Refine Labs’ Cassidy and Carl about how we’re using generative AI for ads, the website, videos, and more!

Generative AI should become a big part of your workflow. Otherwise, you’ll likely get left behind…

Give it a listen and comment / DM us with any questions or ideas!

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Boosting Ad Engagement: How Generative AI Creates Scroll-Stopping Ads

Are your ads scroll-stopping? Or do they just blend in?

Omar and I spoke with Cassidy Shield and Carl Ferreira of Refine Labs about how we think about creating scroll-stopping ads & how we used Generative AI to do so.

Watch the full episode link in the comments.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of AI in Marketing: Why APIs Trump Traditional SaaS Tools

Hot take 🌶️: Today’s cutting-edge Marketing teams use AI through APIs rather than merely relying on point-and-click SaaS AI tools.

All the current SaaS generative AI tools I’ve seen are too limited because so much has to be manually done. A human copying and pasting a similar task repeatedly are a time waste. Also, you can’t auto-post something to Google Docs or WordPress or take in a CSV of multiple prompts you want to work on.

Hopefully these SaaS tools will change and enable better workflows, integrations, and APIs (without charging $50K+).

Until then, write simple Python scripts to automate the work…
And if you can’t do this, ask an engineer at work to spend a couple of hours/week helping you. They probably want to use the AI tools anyway!

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Marketing Engineer? Why Coding is Helpful for Marketing Skills & Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Knowing how to write a bit of code is a sneaky unlock for Marketers 🔑
Especially now that tools like ChatGPT or Bard can make you much better than you are by yourself.

For instance,

  • You can look at HTML and CSS code and edit things for your website
  • You can understand how a technical software product works more than many Marketers
  • You can write Python scripts to take text from video transcripts that are too long for any SaaS AI tool to handle and analyze it in pieces and make a blog draft from it.
  • You can analyze large data sets yourself using code or SQL


What else would you add to the list?