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Revolutionizing Pipeline Creation: How Cutting Paid Search Spend by 50% Boosted Our Marketing Efficiency

We are cutting our paid search spend by 50% & expecting almost NO impact on pipeline creation.

Why? B/c we’ve found keywords that have never created an opportunity in the last year. It’s likely that these won’t in the future.

Now we can repurpose this budget for more effective initiatives.

For us, that primarily means starting paid social focused on distribution and reach to our whole audience with our key messages.
To move them from:
problem unaware -> problem aware
category unaware -> category aware
solution unaware -> solution aware

What % of your keywords have never produced pipeline? Or do the analysis & report back your findings!

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How We Boosted Our Pipeline by $10K While Slashing Our Paid Search Budget by 50%: An Insightful Conversation with Sam Dunning

Great talking to Sam Dunning about how we cut our paid search budget by 50% and still produced $10K more pipeline that month!

Give it a listen and let me know if you have any questions 👋

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Boosting Leads While Slashing Budget: Our Successful Strategy with High-Intent Paid Search Keywords

Last year, we cut our paid search budget by 50% after doing the “split the funnel analysis”. Pipeline from paid search even went up the month after! That’s b/c we only cut keywords that had never produced an opp or customer.

But wait, there’s more! We just added new paid search keywords.
Specifically adding more high-intent paid search keywords that we have never tried bidding on in the past.

We found these new keywords to add from:
1. People mentioning the terms in the “How did you hear about us” required free text field
2. Conversations with ICPs & our internal employees

After we did this:
We immediately saw a jump in the # of leads from paid search.

Now we’ll wait and see which turn into opportunities. If these new keywords never produce an opp after a period of time, then we’ll prune them.

Moral of the story: keep doing the dance with paid search keywords