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Boosting Leads While Slashing Budget: Our Successful Strategy with High-Intent Paid Search Keywords

Last year, we cut our paid search budget by 50% after doing the “split the funnel analysis”. Pipeline from paid search even went up the month after! That’s b/c we only cut keywords that had never produced an opp or customer.

But wait, there’s more! We just added new paid search keywords.
Specifically adding more high-intent paid search keywords that we have never tried bidding on in the past.

We found these new keywords to add from:
1. People mentioning the terms in the “How did you hear about us” required free text field
2. Conversations with ICPs & our internal employees

After we did this:
We immediately saw a jump in the # of leads from paid search.

Now we’ll wait and see which turn into opportunities. If these new keywords never produce an opp after a period of time, then we’ll prune them.

Moral of the story: keep doing the dance with paid search keywords